Our Collective Cosmic Self
What most people worship as "God" is actually Us.

WE are all one big cosmic ball of consciousness - spherical in structure and behavior
The World is As We Are.   The World is a sphere. We are a sphere.
We are global at our core.
All we truly know is that WE exist.

Consciousness of others as parts of our Self and
fulfilling the purpose of religion for the non-religious
who do not believe in God in the traditional sense

Atheists Welcome
If you don't find religion fulfilling, or an Atheist, you may enjoy Weligion.
A sectarian, non-religious way of explaining our role in the universe.
You don't have to believe in God.  Just believe in your Self.

Start with the only thing we truly know: that our self exists
Then think in reverse to realize our SELF within.

TM morning and evening helps us Comprehend Infinity

Aham Brahmāsmi
I am that.  You are that.  All this is that.
That's all there is folks.  We're all in this together.


Disclaimer: This is a TM fan page, and not officially approved by any organization.
In fact, they probably think this is rather ridiculous.

Pythagoras (500 BC) and Aristotle (350 BC) discovered the Earth is a sphere
Galileo discovered our sphere is going around the Sun
and was able to make better predictions.
We cannot see the Earth is a sphere
without going very high into space.
Likewise, we cannot see the Self is a sphere
without transcending to a high level of consciousness.
But we can test its implications and find it is true.

Who or What is God?

Many religions teach that God is separate from us, up there somewhere watching over to judge, punish, or reward us.  This is a false view of reality.  We, and the entire universe, are parts of what most people call God.  This page helps to reinforce this concept, that we are all One.

Key to the quick daily experience of the self as one with the SELF is the regular practice of meditation.  The best form of meditation with over 600 scientific studies, and many doctors from top universities (such as Harvard) behind it is the Transcendental Meditation program.  So this web page links to it, but is not part of TM's organization.

Other forms of prayer or "meditation" are distortions over the centuries of this simple, natural, effortless technique.  For example, when Jesus said "come unto me, and I shall refresh you" he did not mean walk up next to him and feel the refreshing breeze.  He meant come unto ME, take your awareness to the inner Self, meditate, then come out feeling refreshed.

Likewise many prayers have distorted the true meaning of religion, from the latin re = again, ligare = to bind.  Religion should bind the individual self again to the cosmic Self. 

The idea that God is some other huge entity, external to us, is all bunk.  This idea gets people looking outside themselves for support or leadership, such as from a government or king.  It is just the Self in life.  We know we are doing the best we can.  We deserve our whole universe equally, and life is to enjoy.

Is there a God?  Yes and No.  Thank God there is no God - as traditionally thought of, the judging and punishing one.  Who wants Big Brother watching us?  But obviously We exist.  We are part of God, and naturally we all support ourselves.  No one but our self is judging us.   

The notion that God is an entity other than yourself is ignorance and tends to lead to suffering.  It is frustrating to ask for help from an entity up there that does not exist, then think we are being punished or not worthy.  There have even been wars over religion. 

This is not "blasphemy" to think our our selves as God. Of course no individual should think that.  But collectively We are almighty, and more powerful than we have thought of ourselves.  There is no one to punish us but ourselves.  We should not diminish ourselves.  Individually we are incomplete, but together We are awesome.  Enjoy our status, and life to its fullest.  Thank God that We are all God.

Old Principles

New Principles

Illustration of God - external to us
Humanoid in structure

Illustration of God - internal to all of us beings
Spherical in structure

The Divine Creed
St. Matthew and St. Luke version
Promotes idea the God is separate from us
Our Divine Creed
St. Rick version  ;)
Reinforces our unity with God
Our Father, which art in heaven
hallowed be thy name
thy kingdom come
thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven
Give us this day our daily bread
And forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive them that trespass against us
And lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from evil
For thine is the kingdom
the power, and the glory
for ever and ever
Our Self who art in heaven
Hallowed be Our name.
Our kingdom come
Our will be done
On Earth as We are in Heaven
We give ourselves our daily bread (plus other stuff we need)
And forgive all our trespasses
As We forgive fellow selves who trespass against us (as long as they immigrate legally)
We lead us not into temptation (we don't play mind games)
but deliver Us from evil
For ours is the kingdom, (We created it)
the power and the glory
for ever and ever.
The above prayer makes people feel like they are separate from God, that He is up there somewhere looking down on us, and we are pleading with Him to give us some bread, to forgive us fallen creatures.  We ask Him not to play games with us, lead us into temptation, and mess with us, People are taught that standing or sitting and reciting these words somehow gets to the ears of God.  It is all on the surface level of life, with a fanciful, ridiculous idea of God as a "father" with a gray beard sitting on a cloud judging us. It is not based on science. The above affirmation makes people feel the truth, that we are all part of God.  He/She/It is not "up there" but inside us all.  We are all deserving of more than just bread, but abundance, and naturally We want to give it to ourselves.  As we become enlightened through the TM technique, we naturally treat others well, because we know they are part of Our Higher Self.  Heaven is our life on Earth, this planet, in proportion to our development of cosmic consciousness .This idea of our unity with one Self is right in line with physics and the Unified Field Theory.
God is a Father, predominantly male. Our Collective Higher Self is a He, She, and an It - everything all at once
God is separate from us and superior Our collective Self is God, consisting of everything in the universe
Give us this day our daily bread In a universe of abundance, we can have not only bread, but anything we need
OCCS is the source of infinite wealth.  So settle just for some little bread?
Lead us not into temptation OCCS does not play games with us, or lead us into temptation.  We are responsible for anything that happens to us, not some external entity up there playing games. Naturally we go for the highest.
God tests our faith and punishes us if we disbelieve. One of the worst examples of this in the Bible is the Book of Job. See this video illustrating how absurd the story is, reducing God to a pompous sadistic game player.  Only if one is ignorant of one's unity with OCCS will anyone suffer like Job.
Heaven is separate from Earth, where God lives Heaven is right here on Earth, wherever we live, and is what we make it.
God will strike me dead if this is not true Well... I'm waiting....nothing bad has happened to me yet.  In fact, a lot of good.
Choirs sound awesome, like angels in Heaven Multiple voices, both male and female, singing in harmony exemplifies the concept of a Collective of individuals having a common source of creative intelligence, unity of diversity, which is God.
I bind unto mySelf today
During TM, we bind our individual self to our collective Self.
I bind unto mySelf, for 20 minutes morning and evening.
Relgion means re-ligere (Latin) ligere means "to bind" as in ligament.

Our Self is spherical, like our Earth
Within our core is tremendous power

WE are God, at the core of one huge spherical Self, with billions of us individual selfies on the surface.
Re-"ligion" comes from the Latin ligere, to bind (as in ligament). We can re-bind and connect again to WE
through regular practice of TM, the most effective meditation, as validated by scientific research.

Medition is like Mining and bringing out value from within
Like gold mining, it would take great effort to get towards our core for the abundance within.
But with meditation, being like water drops, we effortlessly drift towards the center.


Computer Network and Internet Analogy

With the advent of computers in nearly every office
more people now have a way to relate to the functioning
and laws of nature of cosmic intelligence.

Any computer Systems Administrator or Network Engineer
can better relate to how our minds and life works.

The Transcendental Meditation technique gives deep rest for dynamic activity.
By "shutting down" for 20 minutes twice a day, we are refreshed for our day.
Often when we have problems with our computer,
or the memory gets hung up with a lot of conflicting programs,
a Reboot fixes it.
Similarly, with TM, we can "reboot" our nervous system.

Our minds are all like workstations connected to the Cosmic Computer.  
They work like timesharing on a mainframe computer, network server,
or wireless peer-to-peer network.

wpeB.jpg (3639 bytes)

Is knowledge stored in our brain
or do we tap in to a "cosmic internet" of knowledge?

Is the idea of an apple in my brain
a repeat of the idea of an apple in your brain?

or are we both tapping in to the same idea of an apple
just as we are seeing the same image on the internet
from two different computers?

How can all the vast knowledge on the Internet be contained in smaller computers?

The answer is that the computers don't contain the knowledge.
Computers are only transmitters and receivers.

Similarly, the size of the brain does not determine how much knowledge one can have.
This explains how a tiny insect can have so much instinctual knowledge.
wpeB.jpg (5324 bytes)  wpe2F.jpg (7383 bytes)

Adminstrator and individual rights to access information
wpe29.jpg (21677 bytes)

As with Facebook, we can only see a limited view of our friends' accounts.
Could Mark Zuckerberg or Facebook technicians "play God" and look at our accounts? 
Yes, any time they want.  The computers are theirs.  Who would find out?

Likewise, our minds are in compartmentalized accounts.
Only those with System Administrator access can read all minds.
And the individuals would have no idea they are being watched.

God is our Self and sees through our eyes, and hears through our ears.
This is similar to how Remote Control Software such as
AeroAdmin.com  GoToMyPC.com  LogMeIn.com and TeamViewer.com work
A person can have no idea that his desktop movements are being watched.

Plato's Allegory of the Cave

We are like prisoners watching shadows of puppets cast on a wall by a fire.
As we practice the Dialectic meditation we exit the cave to ascend to the sunlight of reality.

Rick's  Allegory of the Cubicles

We are like workers on a computer network watching screens logged into our private user accounts.
As we practice TM we attain System Administrator rights to see all account files and exit the office.

It only takes one peek above the cubicle walls to realize that we, along with other people in their cubicles, are all connected to the same network, the Unified Field of consciousness, at the deepest level of the mind. The mantra in a meditation session for 20 minutes is like a password to log on to the universal wireless network.

Smart People are like Smart Phones

A mobile phone becomes a "smart" phone when it can connect to the Internet.
When starting up, it gets a carrier signal to the web of transmission towers.
The faster the signal, such as 4G or 5G, the faster it responds.
People become smart, to the degree we can connect to the Cosmic Internet
During TM we develop a stronger connection.

Meditation is "Back Bend" of the Mind

We start from what we know for sure - that our self exists.
Then, through meditation, we "back bend" the mind.
We see our "feet", our basis and foundation, in a new light.
We experience our inner, universal, eternal SELF.
The Unified Field - the ground state of all existence.

Plato said the Dialectic is "turning the mind in the opposite direction."
It is an ability that takes months of disciplined, regular practice to achieve.
Although children have an easier time doing it. until they become less flexible.
You can't think or talk your way into doing it.

Most people can bend forward and see their feet, ahead.
But only a few can bend and see both forwards and in reverse,
both physically and mentally.  As with learning a back flip,
it may feel a bit scary at first, while holding on to feeling vertical.

But with practice you confidently know you will cycle back forward
and upwards to normal life with this "mental gymnastics."


You've heard the the Church of Christian Science?  Well this is the...

Church of Computer Science

Jesus: Come unto Me, all ye that travail and are heavy laden, and I shall refresh you. Log in to the Server, all yet that have viruses and outdated operating systems, and download the latest anti-viruses and service pack upgrades.
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you Don't hack another person's account, as you would not like to be hacked.
I and my Father are one Our workstations (self) is connected to the whole network (Self / Server)
God is the master of the universe System Administrator is the master of the network

We Are Global 

Our first shape was as an egg - a spherical ball
You've heard of Base ball, Basket Ball, Foot ball and Golf ball?
Well, we are a Self ball.

"We are the World"

This has many meanings, such as we are operating world wide.  We are also literally and physically global. 
Our essential nature is spherical.  Our individual awareness is of one area on the surface of the self sphere.
We began life as a sphere, in the form of an egg in our mother's womb. 
We were all once a spherical egg - a ball.   Then we sprouted arms and legs later in life.

All life forms, plant and animal, started as a spherical cell.

Mothers on the Moon
Preserving the Human Race
All our eggs are in one basket -on Mother Earth

Does "God" (our Self) Know Our Thoughts?
Is He Spying on us without our knowledge?
Does our Self know every individual self?
Yes, but no worries.  We are the Self.

wpe49.jpg (8708 bytes) nsaseal.gif (12023 bytes)

If the cosmic computer network analogy holds true, then God, or our collective Self may know our thoughts.
Many people are using their computers, oblivious to any hacker looking "over their shoulder"
seeing every web site visited, and every email message posted.
Edward Snowden and other whistle blowers, exposed how the NSA is "playing God"
It is interesting that this phrase has been used, as if we intuitively know that the Self knows every thought of every self.

At the center of the "Sun model" the Self can see what is happening simultaneously to each "flare" on the surface.
God has the capacity to comprehend trillions of lives simultaneously.

Many movies have illustrated this concept, such as The Matrix.

It is just our Self spying on our selves.
(Still, better not to think naughty thoughts.)

Three Dimensional Bubble Diagram of Our Minds

Bubble Diagram - for an individual, as taught at the Introductory Lectures for TM

The bubble of thought rising from the level Z becomes bigger (see illustration).  By the time it reaches the surface level A, it has developed enough to be appreciated as a thought.  This is the level of the conscious mind.

Series of Bubble Diagrams for more individuals  

Bend the string of bubble diagrams into an arc

Then connect the ends into a circle

Then connect additional circles into a 3 dimensional sphere

We area all part of one "sphere" of the cosmic Self.
Thoughts bubble up from the core of the sphere to the surface,
where they are appreciate by the various individual.

We are global.   Literally.
We are the world.

Diving at the Maharishi University pool near the Golden Dome for diving within


Our Self Sphere as a Model of Our Collective Consciousness (OCC)

Our Collective Cosmic Self is at the basis our our "individual" selves.
We are all One
and the same flesh color inside regardless of skin color.

This is what OCCS / Us / God looks like if  We looked at ourselves in a huge mirror.

Exoselves and EndoSelf
Exo-selves - the trillions of beings that We manifest as
Endo-Self- the One

Like trees in the ground of the Earth, we all draw our nourishment from the central source.  We grow out of the spherical Higher Self, end eventually merge back into it.  This simple drawing explains many ancient wise sayings, such as "treat others as your self".  We are parts of one vast eternal universal organism.  The word vast does not do it justice.

Cosmic Self (God) and our selves

No man is an island
Even an island is connected, beneath the surface, to thewhole Earth

It is better to use the term "Our Collective Consciousness"
than simply "Collective Consciousness" to remind us that
this is not a field external to us.  We are part of it.  It is ours. It is Us

Our higher Self has a split personality condition - trillions of them

Wise Saying How it relates to Weligion
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you Because we are all connected, anything you do to another self, is part of your Self
Love thy neighbor as thy self Your neighbor and you actually are part of the same Self.
The world is as we are Since the world is all made up of our collective consciousness, as we change, our world changes
We are as the world is Our collective consciousness has spherical qualities, as the Earth does.
We are made in God's image We all have a common basis, and emanate from the same source
Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country. As you help other groups of selves, such as countries, we are helping our self too.
Man know thyself. Then thou shalt know the Universe and God Know our spherical Self, which is the Universe and God
Goal setting If we want something, we should think it deeply so the Self can support it.
As ye sew, so shall ye reap As we do to others in the sphere, we are doing so to our selves simultaneously
Unity of me and WE Within our "me" is "WE"
God is US "God" is what we call the inner Self, of which we are only partially consciousness at birth, then grow to know our selves as God, with regular practice of TM.
U are part of US You are part of our collective, cosmic, eternal OCCSelf
If we insult others, we only bring ourselves down When we insult someone else, who is also connected to OCCSelf, indeed you are insulting part of your Self.
We are the world The OCCS sphere diagram shows that we are the world mentally as well as physically.
Smile and the world smiles with you When we smile, the happiness comes from within, for the whole world of humanity.
In God we trust (motto on US money) God, the inner Self of all is the foundation of all of us, and we trust our Self is there for us.
Yahwe      (name of God in Old Testament) Yay WE!
I think, therefore I am We only really know that our self exists.  With the growth of consciousness we realize that we are the universe.  So then we will really know that it exists.
All for one and one for all We are all for the individual selves, and for our collective Self
Established in Being, perform action (Yogastah kuru karmani) When you transcend and function from closer to the Core of the Self, your thoughts have more power, when brought into action, than when you try form the surface of life.
Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, handsome, happy, wealthy and wise By balancing rest and activity, the nervous system naturally evolves into higher consciousness
See things from another person's point of view When we transcend our individuality, and dive deeper into our Self consciousness, we develop the ability to experience life as others do, and are naturally able to sympathize and understand them - as we stand (mentally) under (closer to source of thought) them.
Use the Force (Star Wars) Use the power of the Self within to accomplish what you want in life
In God We Trust We trust the collective wisdom of many individual acting as a higher consciousness, when making decisions as a nation, through a vote of the majority
We the People of the United States (Declaration of Independence) It starts with the right word, We.  We are the ones who should be governing ourselves, not some individual, such as a king.
After your death you will be what you were before birth - Arthur Schopenhauer We emerge from the center of the Self sphere and we merge back into it.
The best way to deal with rude people is to ignore them. Since everything in the universe is ultimately Consciousness, when you deprive them of your attention, you are depriving them of existence.
John F. Kennedy: but knowing that here on Earth, God's work must truly be our own.

The Self works through our individual selves.
So indeed, God's work is truly our own.
When we act in accord with our inner Self's desires
we experience support of all the laws of nature.

You won't achieve unity with God through closed minded rules.
Dogma the opposite of Am God.
Just enjoy being regular on the TM program, and do what comes naturally, and you will get to Cosmic Consciousness the fastest way.
Life is a ball. Literally.  Life is our Sphere of Consciousness which has ball-like qualities, such as a Common Core we all share at the center, from our usual perspective on the surface.
When "I" is replaced
with "We" even Illness
becomes Wellness

Malcolm X

When we experience, through Transcendental Meditation, our individual "I"-ness merging with our collective "We"-ness, shared with all other individuals, our physiology is more in tune with reality and functions more healthily.  Wholeness is being in tune with our whole Self.

16 Principles of the Science of Creative Intelligence (SCI)
I call the "Science of Comprehending Infinity"

# Principle Description
1 Highest First First priority is to know our Self as well as our self.  Then everything goes well.
2 Order is present everywhere This same structure is found everywhere in the universe, regardless of being, even Vulcan if there is such a planet.
3 Life is found in layers Our self is found on the surface of the sphere, at the depths, and at the core.
4 Inner is the basis of the outer Our higher Self is within.  Without it, we would not exist. 
5 The nature of life is to grow Our collective Self wants to grow and improve, therefore we do as individuals.
6 Rest and activity are the steps of progress Diving deep into Collective Consciousness, then coming out, day by day, improves our nervous systems and we experience progress towards perfection.
7 Do less and accomplish more To dive deep into the Self, we only let go completely, rest, and transcend effortlessly.
8 Every action has a reaction As with a pond, if we make a wave, it comes around to us eventually.
9 Purification leads to progress When impure knowledge is weeded out, we become aware of our pure nature
10 The field of all possibilities is the source of all solutions Everything comes from within, including all solutions. Lack of this knowledge leads to problems.
11 Knowledge is for action, for achievement, for fulfillment This knowledge of the OCC helps us achieve more in life, and thus more fulfillment.
12 Knowledge is gained from inside and outside The OCC model shows us that knowledge comes from within our shared core
13 Knowledge is structured in consciousness Knowledge is different on the surface of life, where individualism dominantes, while at the deeper levels our shared unity dominates.
14 Harmony exists in diversity We are all One, with an infinite variety of ways of being.
15 Whole is contained in every part The same center core is found beneath every individual on the surface of the sphere.
16 Whole is greater than the sum of the parts Our wholeness creates a synergy of life - much more fulfilling than if we had chosen to remain just one Being, alone in the universe.

"The Collect" from Christianity

Old version New version
Almighty God, unto whom all hearts be open, all desires known, and from whom no secrets are hid; Cleanse the thoughts of our hearts by the inspiration of thy Holy Spirit, that we may perfectly love Thee, and worthily magnify thy holy Name; through Christ our Lord. Amen Almighty Us, unto whom all hearts are open, all desires known, and from whom no secrets are hid; Cleanse the thoughts of our hearts by the inspiration of our Whole Spirit, that we may perfectly love our Self and fellow selves, and worthily magnify our holy name; We are all Christ.  We are our lord. Amen.

Ten Commandments - Judeo-Christian

1 I am the Lord your God
You shall have no other gods before me
Our Self is God.   We are all that there is.
2 You shall not make yourself a carved image or likeness Duh. Don't worship some stupid object. Know God to be Our Self.  What can an inanimate object, with little or no consciousness do for us?
3 You shall not take the name of God in vain It's not polite to use naughty words. Speak nicely.
4 Remember the Sabbath day (Sunday) Take off and rest.  Sleep late. Church is a waste of time. Better to do an extra round of meditation, preferably in a group congregation.
5 Honor your father an thy mother We were born from a father and mother with the same DNA, so we should feel especially close do them. You thus honor your self.
6 Thou shalt not kill If we kill, we kill part of our Self
7 Thou shalt not commit adultery You can access the same bliss of unity with the higher Self through any individual, so you might as well be faithful to the person you are wed to.
8 Thou shalt not steal We can manifest anything we want from inside, earning honestly with creative intelligence, so why steal what another self has?
9 Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor If we lie about others, we literally lie about our self, and the karma comes back to us
10 Thou shalt not covet We know that other selves, part of OCCS, have things, so we have them already at a deep level and have no reason to feel jealous.

Christian Quotes

Come unto ME all ye that travail, and are heavy laden, and I shall refresh you - Jesus Take your awareness to the inner ME for about 20 minutes, then come out refreshed for daily activity, with a fresh perspective.

The Pride of your heart has deceived you.  Obadiah 1:3

We are all connected to the same sphere of the Self,

God opposes the proud, yet gives grace to the humble. James 4:6

Keep in mind this quote came from the King James version of the Bible.  It is not a quote from Jesus, who was humble (although he said he was the son of God).  Kings want humble people who are easier to control than proud people who stand up for themselves.

God is OCCS, but does not necessarily oppose the proud.  Many people admire Donald Trump who often boasts.  If accomplishments are honest, then we should feel proud.  Being humble is cool too, knowing that our accomplishments come from the center of our sphere of the Self.  The suggestion to be humble may be from past church governments who want the common people to be subservient. 

"Tell my people their transgression." Isaiah 58:1

If we see someone doing something wrong, we should tell them how it hurts themselves as part of the OCCS. Then the

The truth will set you free. John 8:32

When we know that our core center of the sphere of the Self is eternal, we are free from fear of death, and can live in freedom to make our temporary individual life the best it can be, as a credit to our whole Self.
"Those who believe in Me shall have everlasting life."  John 5:24 Those who BE and LIVE in ME - those whose daily reality, existence and being is in the eternal universal cosmic ME, not just the small individual "me", naturally gain the status of immortality - not of their individual body.   But the body of the universe is going to exist for a long, long time- basically forever., despite local big bangs.

Vedic Sayings

1 Established in Being, perform action
Yagastah kuru karmani
We meditate and reconnect with our OCCSelf and all action from there is in better consideration of the whole, and gets more support from our Self.
2 Wise men grieve neither for the living nor the dead We see from the OCCS that when our physical bodies on the surface of the sphere die, we are still consciousness at the core.  So there is really no death of our awareness.  We just create a new self on the surface and infuse a part of our Self into that new baby and grow from there.
3 Jai Guru Dev Guru Dev is another name for the core of OCCSelf. We praise the teacher and know he is us at the deepest level.  He was also part of OCCS, and very well connected to it.  So JGD is a bit of Self congratulation.  He is a Vedic master and us at the same time.
4 I am that. Thou art that.  All this is that.  That is all there is. In all modesty, I (OCCS) am all that there is.
5 Aham Brahmasmi
I am Braham  (Upanishad 1.4.10)
We are the totality, the OCCS
6 A Buddhist monk walks to a hot dog stand and says "Make me one with everything" (a joke) He knows we are all part of the same OCCS.

Dale Carnegie - Techniques for Winning Friends since 1911

# Step Description
1. Become genuinely interested in other people Other people are literally extensions of our common Self.  So we are naturally as interested in them as we are in our Self.
2. Smile The core of the Self is bliss, the source of happiness
3. Remember to use the person's name Every person is connected to the same Self, source with the name Me
4. Be a good listener.  Encourage others to talk about themselves. When others talk about them selves, they also help us understand our self
5. Talk in terms of the other person's interest. It is naturally interesting for us to learn more about our other selves and Self.
6. Make the other person feel important - sincerely. Every person is truly important as part of the Our Collective Cosmic Self.

States of Consciousness

# St State Id Description
1 SS Sleeping State no No awareness at all, just resting
2 WS Waking State me Awareness of self in activity
3 DS Dream State me Awareness of self in a field of illusion
4 TC Transcendental Consciousness Me Awareness of the self, pure consciousness
5 CC Cosmic Consciousness We Awareness of the self in TC while in WS activity.
6 GC Glorified Cosmic Consciousness WE Awareness of the self, finest relative, in activity
7 UC Unity Consciousness ME Brahman consciousness, I am the universe

Development of Consciousness

# Self Other people Objects / Environ Description
1 me THEM IT Self is small, others dominate, objects are hard and unforgiving
2 Me Them It Self awareness is medium sized, others and objects not so bad
3 Me them it Self is strong, other people and objects are cooperative
4 we we it Self strong, other people extensions of my Self, objects foreign
5 We We it Self strong, We-ness strong, objects foreign
6 WE WE WE Self, We, and inanimate objects part of We and respond to our will
7 M E I I Self is everyone and everything

Individual self and the Collective  Self

The individual self and Collective Self are two sides of the same coin.
That is why most coins have a famous person on one side, representing the individuals
and a state seal on the other side, representing the government, or collections of selves.
often with a tribute to the higher Self, such as "In God We Trust"


Yoda D'KanaMovie Director Analogy of Life

Why is it that Hollywood movie directors and actors make so much money?
Why do they get such success and support of nature?
Why do we tolerate and even favor seeing the same actor in different roles?
Example: Tom Cruise as Top Gun pilot, then secret agent, then brother of Rain Man.
That is because the move industry best exemplifies the reality of life.
We know that inside all beings is the same actor - the cosmic Self.

Alone in the universe, with no other entity to talk to, and bored for eternity,
the Self divided itself into trillions of selves, each playing the role of a character.
Exciting adventures keep us entertained for eternity.
That is why there no rush for the Age of Enlightenment to fully rise.
Each step of progress over challenges can be savored and enjoyed.

We are the cosmic Writer, Producer, and Director of life.
Each life is a story, many interesting enough to be a movie.

In the Beginning, God said:
"I am alone in the universe and so bored!
There is no one to talk with, for eternity.
Let their be light - and camera, action!"

Popular movies such as Star Wars have made billions
because they bring out this message.

JFKConspiracy Theories
and False Flag Operations
such as 9/11 and JFK/LBJ

9/11 and JFK truth are small potatoes comparing to the biggest cover up and conspiracy of all time.
The official story is that there is a big bearded being called God up there judging, punishing, or rewarding us.
The greatest cover up and conspiracy theory is that He is really Us, and We're all in on it. ;)

Many people say Obama is not who he says he is, to become President, the most powerful man on Earth.
But God is not who many people say He is.  He is simply our Collective Consciousness.
Like the Wizard of Oz, all this fire and smoke covers up that He is really just the One of Us.

Enemies arise from the ignorance of our interconnectedness.  This idea comes through illusions at more surface levels of life,. 
So all enemies are really us at the deepest level.  If we realize this, we can quickly attain world peace.

God (our Self) is bored for eternity alone in space, and likes a good mystery story.

Football Analogy

As in football, the goal is to move down the field and make a touchdown.  Through meditation, we move down through layers of the Self to the Unified Field, and touch down deep into the goal.  When that is done, we are booted back to the other end, to start the process over.  This is like the daily activity of diving deep into meditation, then coming back out to the relative life.  Each time we do that we score points and become more victorious in life.

During some meditations, we don't quite make it to the end zone.  But with practice, we can steer clear of the stress and blocks, and easily score a touch down in the transcendental field of pure consciousness and Self awareness.  The crowd cheers!


Reincarnation is possible, but not in the way most people believe. According to Our Collective Cosmic Self Sphere we merge back into the center of the sphere, and manifest as a different individual. Like in the Sun, no two solar flares are the same.

I don't think there will be again, or needs to be another Rick Shaddock (God/OCCS forbid). Some percentage qualities that comprise me will be mixed with others, including a percentage of you, and our other fellow beings, to make a new unique individual in the future.

This idea has removed my fear of death, and could be helpful for those in hospice situations. Of course I want to live a full life, drive carefully, and watch both ways before crossing the street, but this understanding helps me enjoy life more.

Jesus asked of his disciples "Who to you say that the Son of Man is?"

According to the Sphere model of consciousness Jesus would share at least some % of qualities of John . Perhaps he meant the Sun of Man, the sphere of man's consciousness?


Those who rise to the top of businesses, governments, and other organization are those who think like "We" and make decisions for greater numbers of people.

People who meditate naturally rise to be leaders in society - in government, business and family life.  They don't just care about their own small self.  They see the big picture, and naturally care about all people.


If we are tempted to steal from someone, including not paying a credit card, you lose the chance to benefit from the need to pull more wealth from the unmanifest source, like a stream turning into a river.  You cannot steal from anyone, only from yourself.   Our big Self will never support our taking from any little self.

Transcendental Space Travel

Because we are all connected, at the deepest level, to all beings in the Universe
we do not have to cross the great distances, at light years, take our eyes and ears
to other planets, but can transcend our individual senses and experience other worlds
through the (sometimes 3) eyes and ears of aliens, from within, without their being aware of us.

Raam Currency and Global Country Flag

Spherical Bubble Diagram

The flag of the Global Country of World Peace
is reminiscent of the circular Self diagram

wpe28.jpg (1232 bytes)
It is a flag of Us

Sisyphus - rolling the ball up to the top of the mountain
Our spherical Self is reaching the point of highest view
and the effort is eternal

Eye Ball or I Ball


Inwardly, enjoy the knowledge that we individuals are just actors in a play, and outwardly act our role to the fullest. It destroys the show for the audience (our fellow selves), if an actor "breaks the 4th wall" and proclaims "hey everyone, we are really just actors on a stage!" Our Director and audience / Self will not support this. Don't expect a raise or good reviews. So when we realize We are all just the Self playing various selves on the universal stage, we should not talk about it too much, stick to the script / dharma, be in character the best we can, and not spoil the story for others. We will reward ourself with more fulfilling roles in the future.

When we meditate it is like going with the voting booth, closing our eye lids, the curtain to outside. During the TM-Sidhis program, we select each choice (sutra) on our ballot (round) for what the universe will manifest, by majority vote, such as health, world peace and friendship - each plank on Patanjali's platform. Most people do not vote, and get whatever in life. With regular practice, especially in groups, Sidhas can vote like Senators, in Universal Congress, to fulfill our collective desires.

Lets's be like Chuck Grassley, who never missed a vote in the Senate, and be regular in casting our ballots, in the morning and evening sessions of Universal Congress, during the TM-Sidhis.in the Dome.

Some day, I will have a memory erasure
and become another being with new memories.
I write this to myself the future in a new body
somewhere in the universe.

Children's Book - Sonny The Solar Flare
The Wizard of Us

Car Control Analogy

When we are born, it is like our self gets a new car when we get a new body..
We drive it around for about 80 years.
It may get worn or crashed in an accident.
But no worries.  We get a new car (body).
Our memory is wiped clean (except for basic instincts) and we start again.

Symphony of Science - We Are All Connected
Yoda - Feel the Force