Comprehend Infinity

The best technique is Transcendental Meditation. 
Easy, natural, effortless.  Just be with the Universe as it is, boundless.

At least, spend 20 minutes morning and evening meditating on the reality that Space and Time are Infinite.

You may experience a "push back" when you approach the limits of your mind.
"This cannot be possible."  "There must be and end of Space."  "There must be a Time limit."

Just relax and go beyond that point.  Each day, your brain adapts to push back the limit of Space and Time.
After years of twice daily practice, your brain will finally let go, and you experience Cosmic Consciousness.

You will be neurophysically capable to put everything in perspective of infinite Time and Space.

CI stands for Creative Intelligence from SCI, the practical basis of TM.
CI also stands for Comprehend Infinity which TM help us accomplish.

NETAS = Never Ending Time And Space

SUTRA = Space Universe Time Referral Absolute

Our Universe is over 99.99% of empty space.  Giving it 20 minutes of consideration morning and evening is not too much to ask.