I Am A Solar Flare

The Adventures of Sonny Radiance

Once upon a time, there was a little solar flare named Sonny  
He looked at the other solar flares with admiration.  
Some were huge, and some were small.  
The big ones made great and bright arcs into the sky  
The flares were in classes A, B, C, M, X, and Z  
The Z-Class solar flares were the biggest  
A large "coronal mass ejection"  
Sonny tried to reach high, but only got a few kilometers  
He was depressed  
Then they circled back to the Sun
and merged into the sphere.
What happens to them, Sonny asked?  
His father Sol said "Solar flares merge back into the Sun"
Then their material is used for other flares.
Someday you will also go out, then back in
and some of your material will be used
for new solar flares.
Sonny grew and grew, with solar material from within
He grew higher and higher.
Look at me, Sonny said as he made a huge arc.  
Then he started running out of energy
and gravity brought him back into the Sun.
Then Sonny realized.  I am the Sun.

Let me get some material together and do that ride again!

Sunny's flare next door is Sally
She was his first flame, and she was hot.
I'm going to be a huge flare some day, way up in the sky  
She said someday we will recycle
Sunny said that is ridiculous.
We have a cycle, then die
Sally said: No we re-merge with the core, then come out again
Sunny wanted to ask Sally to go to the annual Sun dance
But he was too nervous
He remembered that she is just a solar flare like he is
and he knows inside what it is like to want to be loved
so he got up his courage with more solar material from within and asked her. 
She said yes, and kissed him on the cheek.